Kushner Met With Russian Representative


The Straight Scoop:

  • Federal and congressional investigators, including the Senate Intelligence Committee and FBI, are reviewing a meeting between Senior Advisor to President Trump (and son-in-law), Jared Kushner and Russian banker Sergey Gorkov that took place in December of 2016
  • White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks stated the meeting was arranged at the request of Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US
  • Setting up communications with a foreign government is not illegal in and of itself

The Left Spin
  • “Current and former American officials…say it may have been part of an effort by Mr. Kushner to establish a direct line to Mr. Putin outside established diplomatic channels.” and “The Washington Post reported that Mr. Kislyak told his superiors in Moscow that Mr. Kushner had proposed a secret channel and had suggested using Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States for the communications.” (NY Times)
  • The bank Mr. Gorkov works for, “Vnesheconombank has also been used by Russian intelligence to plant spies in the United States.” and “Mr. Gorkov is a graduate of the academy of the Federal Security Service of Russia, a training ground for Russian spies.” (NY Times)

The Right Spin
  • “the Trump transition was unique in its unwillingness to use the government’s communications lines and briefing material for its dealings with many foreign governments, partly because of concern that Obama administration officials might be monitoring the calls.”
  • “Krauthammer said, ‘There’s no news here. Kushner is going to be questioned. He knows things. There’s no indication he’s a subject. There’s no indication he’s a target. There’s no even allegation he did anything improper. So what’s the story here? Why is it on the front page?'” (Breitbart)

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