Defense Contractor Charged with Leaking Classified Information


The Straight Scoop:

  • Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year-old contractor at Pluribus International Corporation, and a retired Air Force veteran, was charged with allegedly leaking a classified NSA report on Russian Election hacking to the news site The Intercept
  • The report allegedly described two cyber attacks by a Russian military intelligence unit. The attacks were against the maker of voter registration related software, government employees, and local election officials.
  • Winner, a retired Air Force veteran who retained her top secret security clearance, allegedly copied and removed the report from a secure location
  • The FBI arrested her at her home in Georgia on June 3rd. Each count of the crime for which she is charged, carries a penalty of up to ten years in federal prison.

The Left Spin

  • “The infiltration of VR Systems’ network and voting officials’ computers, the piece explains, could have allowed hackers to alter or delete voter registration information in such a way as to strategically create delays and chaos at specific polling locations. Crucially, however, the report does not include any evidence that this actually took place, and says that it’s not clear whether any of the officials’ computers were compromised. And while the piece outlines a way that voting officials’ computers could be used to target actual vote tallies, there’s also no suggestion that this was attempted.” (

The Right Spin

  • “This is not only recent controversy involving The Intercept, which was founded specifically to dig into the American intelligence apparatus. Intercept writer Juan Thompson was fired last year for fabricating stories about the racially-charged tragedy at South Carolina’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, apparently to play up stereotypes of racist white southerners and smear Donald Trump supporters. This March, Thompson was the first person arrested for calling in threats to Jewish community centers as part of a nationwide intimidation campaign that was also widely blamed by the media on Trump supporters.” (Breitbart)

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